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Graduate students in the History Department have the opportunity to work with faculty on research and engagement in a variety of venues.

Putting History to Work

History at Work

Our faculty are award-winning teachers and authors of innovative historical studies. Their research spans the world across time, from the ancient Romans to modern technology and the environment.

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Dr. Tammy S. Gordon

In her latest publication, The Mass Production of Memory: Travel and Personal Archiving in the Age of the Kodak (University of Massachusetts, 2020), Dr. Tammy Gordon tells the story of the camera’s emerging centrality in leisure travel across the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and its role in “the mass production of memory,” a process in which users crafted a visual archive attesting to their experiences, values, and circumstances, setting the stage for the customizable visual culture of the digital age.

Dr. Gordon is a professor and Director of Public History. She teaches public history and modern U.S. history. Her research focuses on historical memory and the leisure economy in recent history.


HI 591 Museum Studies Graduate Students Launch STEMinists Website

To accompany their STEMinists exhibit in Withers Hall, the HI 591 Museum Studies students have created the STEMinists at NCSU website.

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Dr. Xiaolin Duan

Xiaolin Duan is an Assistant Professor of Chinese history in the Department of History at the North Carolina State University. Duan studies socio-cultural history in medieval and early modern China, particularly urban history, popular religion, and visual/material culture.

She is the author of articles and book chapters on topics ranging from the visual culture in premodern China to early modern China-Mexico silk trade. She also translated varies works in pre-modern and modern Chinese history and art history. She has also contributed to the Seattle Art Museum’s project "Online Catalog of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy." 

Duan teaches Chinese and East Asian history, including topical courses on the globalization of China, material culture, popular religion, women's history and environmental history. 

Faculty Fermentology Webinars

Fermentation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Beer, Bread and More Beer

In this talk, Tate Paulette explores the foods and, especially, the fermented foods of ancient Mesopotamia. He looks at ancient recipes, royal inscriptions, administrative records, archaeological remains, artistic works, and more on a culinary tour through the famous “land between the rivers.” Particular attention is devoted to beer, the beverage of choice in ancient Mesopotamia."

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Why Do People Care for Sourdough? 

Using one family’s story and survey responses from hundreds of Sourdough Project participants, Matthew Booker speculates about why people carry sourdough cultures with them around the world and down through generations. Maintaining sourdough in our kitchens pairs human and microbial cultures in a multispecies community with intriguing implications for both human history and biological diversity.

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