Conference and Research Travel Funding

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) provides some funding for Travel Reimbursement. In the past, the History Department has provided funds for graduate students to pay for conference and research travel. The availability of funds depends on the department's yearly budget. To request travel funds, students must fill out the Graduate Student Travel Proposal. Students should contact the Director of Graduate Programs with all questions related to the consideration of their proposals. 

Submit a Travel Proposal

Travel Authorization & Reimbursement

Students who are granted travel funds by the History Department are required to fill out specific forms. Students who are not already employed by the university must fill out the NC State University Non-Employee / Student Travel Authorization Form and submit it to the History Department Graduate Assistant, Kelsey Zavelo, in person in Withers 356 or by email to Non-employee students are responsible for submitting all travel receipts to Kelsey Zavelo within 10 days of completing travel. Students who are university employees must fill out a Travel Authorization online through the Travel Center in MyPack Portal. University employees are responsible for submitting a Travel Reimbursement through the Travel Center in MyPack Portal within 30 days of completing travel. All students should contact Ms. Zavelo with questions about Travel Authorizations/Travel Reimbursements.

​Which Travel Expenses Requires a Receipt?
Original receipts are required for reimbursements. All expenses for reimbursement require a receipt except meals and mileage (these expenses will be reimbursed at set rates). Below are the types of reimbursable expenses:

  • Airline: Students may use a receipt received by email. It must state the total cost of the trip and any booking fees and indicate that a credit card was charged. Students may also use more traditional receipts as long as they are originals and show a zero balance due. It is preferred that students contact the department to book airfare through World Travel or other online agencies on the department credit card. 
  • Hotel: The hotel/lodging must be a commercial establishment. An original hotel statement is required. Proof of payment is strictly enforced. The balance of charges must equal zero at the bottom of the receipt. If this is not on the receipt, students may turn in a credit card statement showing the payment. Room service will not be reimbursed. Hotel charges for internet and parking are permitted. It is preferred that students provide the department with reservation information before their departure so staff can link the payment to the department credit card. 
  • Rental Car: Students may use a receipt received by email. It must state the total cost of the trip, any booking fees, and that a credit card was charged. Students may also use traditional receipts as long as they are originals and show proof of payment. Any insurance purchased on the rental vehicle is considered a non-reimbursable expense. It is preferred that students book this through Enterprise or World Travel on the department credit card.
  • Other Transportation: For trains, buses, subways, and taxis, original receipts are required for reimbursement over $5. The use of public transportation are reimbursable up to $5.00 without a receipt. 
  • Registration Fees: Students must provide the department’s office assistant, Ms. Courtney Hamilton, with all documents relating to the conference registration. This includes the conference fee page of a web site or conference booklet, a general description of the conference with dates, location, and content (usually on the cover page of the conference booklet or opening web site), and the payment of the registration. The payment must show any meals even if the meal is free. The receipt must show proof of payment or documentation from a bank or credit card is required. It is preferred that you visit the department to register with the department credit card. 
  • Other: Other reimbursable expenses include baggage, entrance fees, or city parking. Students may also be reimbursed for library copy fees. Remember an original receipt is required.