The History Department funds a number of graduate students as teaching assistants through the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP). These students receive a teaching assistantship, health insurance, and tuition (for a limited number of semesters). These students are still responsible for the payment of fees. Students funded under GSSP must carry a full course load of 9 hours and are responsible for the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition for their second year if they do not establish residency. Students with teaching assistantships engage in different types of work, depending on their assignments. Some lead discussion sections. Others grade, deliver lectures, design teaching activities, create assignments, research course materials, and a variety of other tasks. Ph.D. students may be asked to teach their own courses as instructors of record.

Unlike many other student workers in the department, TAs do not need to submit a biweekly timesheet. New TAs should be aware that, depending on the dates of their first pay period, their first paycheck might not cover a full two weeks. Also, new TAs should be aware that payday is two weeks after the end of the pay period. See Human Resources for the biweekly pay schedule. TAs are paid for work between August 16 and May 15. If the first pay period runs from August 4 to August 17, students will receive a paycheck for two days on August 31. If the first pay period runs from August 16 to August 29, students will receive a paycheck for two weeks on September 12.